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Grandpa Elephant

When we went through my roommate’s stash a year and a half ago, we found the start of a scarf in a wonderful smooshy alpaca. She explained that she had started it when she first started knitting as a gift for her grandpa, but had set it aside. Her grandpa had since passed away, and she knew she would never finish the scarf. I convinced her to reclaim the yarn and save it to do a memorial project with. A year went by, and it got to be time to do another stash cleansing. The same ball of yarn was sitting there, untouched, and she said she just didn’t think she would ever know what to do with it. I asked if I could hang onto it and try to come up with a good project. Looking for something to cast on one day, I started feeling the ball of yarn and trying to figure out what it wanted to be. It was so soft, I thought a stuffed animal would be perfect. I asked my roommate if there was any particular animal that reminded her of her grandpa. She said an elephant…


I looked around Ravelry until I found this pattern, which I liked the look of. Of course, it was for a totally different weight yarn, but that’s never stopped me. I divided all the numbers in the pattern by two and started knitting. This actually worked shockingly well, except for the bottom piece, which was too small, so I had to re-knit it bigger. I changed the ears to be a single layer in garter stitch, added a tail, and made the tusks out of felt.


The one thing I’d change about the pattern if I did it again would be to knit the trunk and legs in the round. It would reduce seaming, and I think would look more polished at the end. Overall, both my roommate and I are happy with how it turned out.



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