Puget Sound LYS Tour Sunday

 I set my alarm on Sunday so I could get down to the ferry terminal in time to make it to Bainbridge in time for opening. I was so excited that I wound up waking up early, though! On the way over I proved to myself that this is why I can’t have nice yarn…

Churchmouse Yarns & Teas (Bainbridge Island):

I have been meaning to get over to Bainbridge to see this shop for a few years now, and it was just as lovely as I imagined. I actually got there a few minutes before opening, and was happily sitting outside trying to fix the sock disaster I showed above, but they opened the shop a little early so I didn’t have to wait outside. I really appreciated that, and felt very welcomed. Their pattern offering was the Capricious Cowl knit in Kidsilk Haze. What stuck with me the most about Churchmouse was all of the luxury yarns. They had a whole corner for handpainted yarns, which I absolutely loved. Definitely worth the trip, although most of the yarns were out of my price range (rightfully so, given the fiber and colorways).

Gorgeous silk

Handpainted heaven

Delicious pastries from Blackbird Bakery right next door

So Much Yarn (Seattle):

So Much Yarn is a little bit hard to find, as it’s on the second floor of a gated building downtown. Once I found my way up there, however, it was lovely. They had a large selection of yarns, particularly Manos del Uruguay. They had an exclusive ( so far as I know) So Much Yarn Alpaca Sock yarn, all in natural colors made locally. The pattern offering was the Fishtail Shawl in Maxima by Manos del Uruguay.

Alpaca Sock Yarn, exclusive at So Much Yarn

Shop layout

Seattle Yarn (Seattle):

This shop in West Seattle was such a treat! On the West Seattle Bridge headed over, there was a statue visible, and it was decked out in all manner of knit-wear, with a cute little sign advertising the LYS Tour. I have to admit, that put a huge smile on my face, and definitely made me happy I visited this shop. While I was there, a group came in with Seattle Yarn as their last shop. Unfortunately, they were out of the pins and stitch markers that finishers got, but to make it up to them, the shop owner went across the street and bought them coffee, which I thought was really sweet. The pattern offering was Lincoln Park After Dark knit in Cascade Eco.

Always a sucker for bright colors…

Luxury Mohair display

The Yarn Stash (Burien):

This shop was a fair-isler’s heaven. They had every color imaginable of Jamieson’s Shetland Spindrift, and their featured pattern was Team Spirit Mitts in the same. The shop layout was really open and didn’t feel crowded at all, which I appreciated.

Colorwork hat on display

Open-feeling shop layout

The Knittery (Renton):

The coolest thing for me about this shop was that the yarn was displayed such that it could be browsed from both sides, meaning that if I was interested in the same yarn as someone else, we could both easily look at it at the same time. They also had a ton of really pretty silk, and were friendly. Their pattern offering was the Hand and Heart Christmas stocking, knit in Lamb’s Pride Worsted.

Nicely displayed yarn

Serial Knitters (Kirkland):

What a treat as my 21st shop! I think this may be my new favorite LYS. The people there were incredibly helpful, knowledgeable, and friendly. I’d been curious about knitting from silk hankies since reading about it over at the Yarn Harlot’s blog, and I actually found silk hankies at Serial Knitters! I was so excited. So I asked them about how the process of knitting straight from these works, and they actually got me a sample to play with knitting on! I was so grateful, especially since it turns out to be a finicky process, which I don’t have the patience for right now (especially since my hands are a bit rough and snagged on the silk constantly.) I’ll have to try a project another time. I also had a question about the Signature Needles I heard they carried. They pulled out a sample pair and let me knit with them and… oh my goodness. People were not exaggerating when they said these needles were the Porsches of knitting. I now understand why someone would pay $40+ for a pair of these. Yum. Serial Knitters’ pattern offering was the Rosebud Capelet in Berroco Remix. Enough with the talking… on to the pictures!

I forgot to mention… they carry knit picks needle supplies *in house*! No more waiting for the right size cable to arrive, I’ll be going to Serial Knitters. ❤

The aforementioned silk hankies

Yummy silk… mmm…

And that all but concludes my LYS Tour writeup! All that’s left are pictures of the loot, which I will work on getting up here. I had a blast, and recommend that anyone who is able do at least part of the LYS tour next year. I met so many lovely people and new shops, and even found a new favorite not too far from my house.


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