Puget Sound LYS Tour 2012 Friday Part 2

So we left our intrepid protagonist (er, me) at Wild Fibers in Mount Vernon. From there I headed to Knot Just Yarn in Burlington.

First off, this may just be the cutest door ever. Second, I absolutely loved their pattern: a slouchy beret knit in Stonehenge Sepherd’s Wool, which is made in the US. I was pretty tempted to get some, because these hats looked so good! I may decide to work this project yet, and if so, I’ll definitely go back to Knot Just Yarn to do it. I loved how friendly folks there were, and their focus on local/US products was cool. Also seen here: a really cute start to a cowl in Heritage Silk and Zauberball. And… on to the pictures!

Aforementioned cool cowl

Obligatory blurry general shop photo

Gorgeous locally made shawl pins.

NW Handspun Yarns (Bellingham):

The downstairs here was nice, and there were lots of cool locally produced yarns (yay!) But the real treat here was the loft upstairs. There was a gorgeous table and seating area perfect for a knitting circle, tons of fiber for spinning, and *tons* of sale yarn. I got myself a skein of 100% Romney (I don’t have the label with me right now, but I promise I’ll photograph it and post it later) in a colorway that can only be described as “on fire.” Their pattern offering was a “Serendipitous Shawl Collar Scarf” knit in Spincycle worsted yarn. Knit up with this yarn, the colorways and ridges worked beautifully together. I think I’m going to have to do a separate post with pictures of all the patterns if they go up on Ravelry. I, of course, forgot to take pictures of them all figuring “I have the pattern.”

Spincycle Yarn

This basket was on the stairs. I’m not sure why, but it really tickled me to see “local clean soft fiber” as the tag.

Beautiful work space!

I’m not a spinner, but this looks like *so much fun*

Apple Yarns (Bellingham):

First off, I loved the yarn-bombed tree! Second, I loved the quotes on the window and on all the walls. Everything about this shop was bright in a really fun way (not overwhelming.) The space felt very open, which was nice, and the owner was very friendly and chatty. She was really knowledgeable and excited about local yarns, and wanted to hear all about the other places I’d been and had great things to say about all of them. I loved how positive she was, it really made the shop seem welcoming and fun. Their pattern offering was “Park City Socks” knit in SweetGeorgia Yarns Tough Love Sock (link is for the Ravelry page.) What a pretty pattern. I will definitely be using this.

I’m starting off with this picture because I think it really shows the sense of fun that this shop has. A quote from Albus Dumbledore in the bathroom. Win.

Shop layout. I am having the hardest time picking which photos to use for this place. The lighting was so good, I got a bunch of really nice shots.

Work-space, a quote, and more yarn

Beach Basket Yarns (Birch Bay):

This was a cute shop, with a great view. I got there at 7:55, and was delighted to feel welcomed rather than feeling like I was imposing by showing up at the last minute. Thank you for that! This was a delightful way to finish my day, especially getting to see the bay at dusk. Their pattern offering was “French Beenz” knit in Plymouth’s Coffee Beenz (it’s a mug cozy.) Very cute, especially with the buttons they used. I also got to see some gorgeous colorwork with Kauni here. I will almost certainly need to go back, since by the time I’d made it there I was pretty exhausted and probably didn’t catch all of what they had.




Kauni colorwork

Wall of yarn!

Dusk on the Bay. Wouldn’t this be a lovely spot to sit and knit and watch the sun set?

And thus ended Friday’s adventure (well, after I crossed the border and got to where I was sleeping around 9 PM.) Saturday’s adventure was only three shops, but it’s definitely its own full post.


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