Puget Sound LYS Tour 2012 Thursday

Thursday around 10:30 AM I saw this on my Facebook feed, “Sitting in my car knitting waiting for the first yarn shop to open.” Now, I know about the Puget Sound Local Yarn Store Tour, and had missed it every year to date. I hadn’t paid attention to this year’s dates, being busy with school and such (hence the dearth of posts lately.) But seeing this post, I immediately realized that the LYS Tour must be starting, Googled this years’ information, and started to plan to see if I could make it to some of the shops.

I realized that after my class, I had an hour and a half to get lunch before going to get an oil change for my car. So I stopped by The Fiber Gallery, and got to see their new location for the first time, and walked out with a wonderful wool/silk blend yarn from their sale section. Not being in the swing of things yet, I managed to walk out without a copy of their pattern for this year, and now I can’t remember what it is! A mistake not to be repeated. Then I hopped over to The Tea Cozy Yarn Shop, which I’d never been to before. The chairs set up along 14th for the Norwegian Constitution Day parade were a fun flashback to growing up in Ballard. The Tea Cozy is such a lovely shop! I’m really excited to know about this place, and will definitely be back. Their shop pattern is for two cute stuffed bunnies made in Cascade Superwash.

After running my afternoon errands, I had an hour before I was supposed to meet up with a friend for dinner, so of course I had to see if I could get to another shop. I decided on Acorn Street, which was where I bought the Kauni I used for a Revontuli shawl years ago. This time I left with a skein of yarn made from corn fibers, which I’m excited to get to play with. Their pattern was for a traveling rib cowl knit in Silk Garden, which was gorgeous. I had just enough time after that to get to dinner on time, so instead I stopped by Bad Woman Yarns in Wallingford. Their pattern is for a reversible chevron cowl, knit in Tosh Sport, which looks like it could be a fun little knit. I managed to escape without being sucked in to Trophy Cupcakes (this time…) Luckily my friend is forgiving and didn’t mind that I was a bit late for dinner. Having just visited four shops, I decided “how hard can it be?” and started planning the rest of the weekend.

The four circled shops are the ones I visited on Thursday


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