Secret Project

This is barely a post, but I feel the need to state something for the record anyway. As I wrap up the first half of my secret project (mentioned in my last post) I really have to wonder why on earth the pattern was written flat rather than in the round. I changed it to be in the round (because I hate seaming) and it seems to have worked just fine. Also, it is delightful, and I’m fairly excited that it turned out.

But seriously, I hate seaming. After that blanket… if I never seam again it’ll be too soon.


Okay, fine, this was going to be a picture-less post, but I can’t exactly reference “that blanket” and then not show you it. That’s just mean.

This is the blanket. With Mr. Bear

I mattress stitched each and every one of those panels together by hand. For more about the tediousness which was this blanket, see my post here. It really is a lovely blanket, though. Totally worth it.


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