Artificial Night Photoshoot

I haven’t been posting the last few days due to a yucky head-cold. I’m on the upswing, though, and am going to post pretty pictures for you all! Because I love you, that’s why.

First off, I finished some fingerless gloves for a friend yesterday and neglected to take pictures before shipping them to their new owner. Perhaps I’ll get some someday, perhaps not. They’re a pretty basic pair, except I did some cool stuff with the striping in the colorway so they turned out pretty. My next project is a surprise, and also the last item on my to-knit list for someone else. If you think they might be for you, don’t click here. For everyone else: isn’t that a pretty pattern?! I’m pretty excited. I’ll make sure to actually take pictures of them before I gift them, though.

And now… pictures! These were my (and my friends’) entry to win an Andvanced Reader’s Copy (ARC) of One Salt Sea, the newest of the October Daye series by Seanan McGuire. (My review is here) The photos were all inspired by the third book of the series: An Artificial Night. Be warned, they may be a little spoiler-y, though I’m doing my best to keep things vague.

The Luideag is a Seanan fan

Net crocheted by Autumn O’Leary (thank you!!) Books provided by Autumn O’Leary, Shawna Jacques, Torrey Stenmark and me.

Toby... isn't always a Seanan fan

The Luideag's kitchen isn't always the tidiest... can you spot who is hanging out by the Coke bottles?

Don’t ask what’s in those wine glasses. No, really.

Luideag likes her bagels with protein

This doesn't seem like such a great idea...

Nope, definitely not the best idea

We made the blood ourselves. You don’t really want to know out of what, but suffice to say that we couldn’t find the food coloring, so we used grenadine. And cocoa powder. Yum…

Young Toby sets out

The model here actually decorated the candle herself.

In the hedge

Who let her drive?! Well, it was better than Young Toby doing it. I guess.

This shot was tricky to take. I don’t actually have a removable windshield (well, I do… but it isn’t easily replaceable), which meant that we got to stick the camera on the dash, have someone tell us how to angle it from the hood of the car, then have the driver push the button on a time delay. Also, the back seat of my Ford Focus was never meant to hold that many people.

Because she can. That's why.


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