Egyptian Mittens

Front and back of completed mittens

These mittens are my very first stranded colorwork. Ever. I cast them on in fall of 2009, and have just completed them. Not that I was working on them that whole time, mind you. I cast on, and knit the cuff of the first mitten, and then decided that it was too hard to work on while doing my senior thesis.

This is about how far I got before giving up the first time.

I picked it up again in March of 2010, and made good progress… until the slippery baby alpaca slid right off the gorgeous laminated birch needles one too many times, and I gave up on ever fixing the stitches that were dropped. It was just too complicated making sure that I put the right color back in the right place.

Finally, after completing the Rainbow Poncho of Doom, I wanted a project that was a little more complex and brain intensive. So I picked these up again. I corrected all of my mistakes. I held one color in each hand, since between casting on and actually sitting down to finish them, I learned how to knit continental (no more yarn tangles!) Then I realized I’d knit the mitts too tightly. So I ripped back to the end of the cuff, and started again. And again. And finally, I finished the first mitten. The second mitten was a comparative breeze.

The inside of the first mitten. Holding a strand in each hand made it so neat!

The pattern is in Finnish, but it was intuitive enough that I was able to follow it. Google translations didn’t hurt. If I make something like them again, I want to add a Latvian braid like this person (Ravelry) did. For now, I’m pretty happy with how they turned out.

The pattern was pretty beat up by the end. I highlighted in yellow for the first mitt and orange for the second.

I am really hoping that having mittens ready for the winter will be like bringing an umbrella on a walk.

You read the whole post? Wow! Have another picture of mittens!



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2 responses to “Egyptian Mittens

  1. northernnarratives

    Very nice! I also was knitting too tight the first time I tried to knit colorwork. Judy

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