Blyss’s Rainbow Poncho

I was commissioned to make a rainbow poncho along the lines of my rainbow shawl. To this end, I was given 4 skeins of Kauni Effektgarn.

I based the poncho on this person’s adaptation, which was in turn based on Revontuli. Essentially I cast on for two shawls in the round, and got rid of the stitches assigned for the border. I did about one pattern repeat (counting a yo, k2tog row as the end of a repeat), and then started alternating between balls of yarn so that each color repeat was a little longer. Essentially I assigned one ball of yarn to be ball A, and one to be ball B and lined up the colors. So I’d knit a row of A in red, then a row of B in red, and continued on with A, B, A, B. And then I knit. Forever. Somewhere in here, I was given two more skeins to incorporated, so total there were 6 skeins, ~900 grams, ~3600 meters on size 8 needles. This project took me forever. I think it turned out pretty well, though, don’t you?

Poncho with its happy recipient


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